Real life horror scenario #1

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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Real life horror scenario #1

If you are looking for a plot for that horror movie you’ve been putting off writing then consider this a freebie.  Do you recognize the image above?  You can’t swing a dead CHUD without hitting some vehicle with a variation of that thing in the back window of their armored recreation mini-van.  In an age of heightened security and concern over identity theft you would think putting an advertisement like that on your car would be counterintuitive.  Follow my mad ravings for a moment.
As you can see just by driving behind you I know the first names of your children and pets.  A quick license plate lookup and now I know their full names, your name, your spouse’s name, your home address and if you own any other vehicles.  From personal knowledge I know that probably the children’s schools are online and with minimal effort I know where they go to school.  The amount of information gathered from just a license plate and one of those decals is staggering.  Now the pitch.
Father cuts off the wrong guy on the highway and by using the method I demonstrated gathers information and proceeds to first steal an identity, move on to impersonating a family member to show they could get to the kids and then finally top it off with a home invasion and bloodbath. 
So do yourself a favor and take that thing out of your back window please.

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