My Reptilian Sex Brothers

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Friday, September 12, 2014

My Reptilian Sex Brothers

Last week, Russia had some bad news for fans of the five geckos it had sent into space to, essentially, have zero-gravity sex for Russian scientists to watch.  Nobody was a bigger fan of those geckos than John Oliver, and on Sunday night's Last Week Tonight, Oliver said goodbye to the little lizards.  There are kind words, five candles, a couple of 40s, and a band — A Great Big World — singing a mournful ballad, with Oliver showing off a surprisingly good singing voice.  It wasn't Joan Rivers' star-studded funeral, also on Sunday, but it's probably the best sendoff any lizards could hope for — and many humans, too. So, #GoodbyeGeckos. Do svidaniya.

Peter Weber –

I was so moved by this tribute I fired up the design software and made the below mission patch in their honor, which I have sent to Mr. Oliver in the hope he knows how much these “Interstellar Orgy Mobile” passengers have touched my life as well.  Hopefully if you click on it you will be taken to the full size image.

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