SWD5: The Chum

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Saturday, August 16, 2014

SWD5: The Chum

Chumming (American English from Powhatan1) is the practice of luring animals, usually fish such as sharks, by throwing "chum" into the water.  Chum is bait consisting of fish parts and blood, which attract fish, particularly sharks owing to their keen sense of smell.

Also known as rubby dubby (West Country and Yorkshire, UK), shirvey or chirvey (Guernsey, Channel Islands), burley or burlying (Australasia), and bait balls.

Chumming is illegal in some parts of the world, such as Alabama, because of the danger it can pose by conditioning sharks to associate feeding with the presence of humans.

I’m using it to describe how there is no connection between any of the movies tonight other than being icky and disgusting.

Red Water (2003)

  • Genre: Horror – Sci-Fi
  • Directed: Charles Robert Carner
  • Produced:
    • Charles Robert Carner 
    • Tim Christenson 
    • Mitch Engel 
    • J.D. Feigelson 
    • Genevieve Hofmeyr 
    • Michael G. Larkin
  • Written:
    • J.D. Feigelson 
    • Chris Mack
  • Starring: Lou Diamond Phillips, Kristy Swanson, Coolio, Jaimz Woolvett, Rob Boltin, Langley Kirkwood, Dennis Haskins, Gideon Emery, Charles Dumas, Clive Scott, Nicholas Andrews, Hilton Myburgh
  • Music:
    • Louis Febre 
    • Dominic Messinger
  • Cinematography: Michael Goi
  • Editing: Marc Leif
  • Studio: Sony Pictures Television
  • Distributed:
    • Sony Pictures Television  
    • TBS Superstation  
    • Columbia TriStar Home Entertainment  
    • LK-TEL  
    • Mill Creek Entertainment  
    • Nelonen  
    • RTL Entertainment
  • Rated:
  • Release Date: 17 August 2003
  • Running Time: 92 minutes
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English

The film originally aired on the Turner Broadcasting System (TBS) in August 2003, and became one of the highest-rated movies in the station's history.  Directed by Charles Robert Carner the film tells the story of a bull shark which wreaks havoc as it makes its way up a river in Louisiana.

A small oil rig located on a small river in Louisiana hits it big and former oiler John Sanders (who quit when a blowout2 occurred on a rig he was the boss of and four men died) and his friend Emery are hired to take his ex-wife Kelly and her boss to the location.  Nearby, some thugs do diving for stolen goods that were dumped nearby.  Unfortunately, at the same time, a huge bull shark enters the river and starts terrorizing and killing people.  Emery's people, a local tribe, believe that the shark is a spirit that supposedly protects the area where the well is manifested in physical form as vengeance for the oil rig.

Several people are killed by it and an attempt by locals to kill it drives it right back up the river, towards the oil rig.  As a result of all the deaths, a $10,000 reward is posted for the shark's death.  Unfortunately John, Emery, Kelly and her boss are captured by the three goons and the boss is shot in the leg and ultimately bleeds to death.  The oil rig has a blowout and two men are killed.  The shark arrives and kills several people as well as terrorizing the crew by taunting them by swimming around the rig.

John and Kelly are forced to dive for the loot and recover it while the goons drink, mock each other, and plot what to do with the money.  One of the goons kills the third in order to keep the money between himself and his partner, Jerry.  John manages to escape from the goons and after helping Kelly and Emery escape, shoots the fuel tank on his boat, killing one of the goons.  The other one, Ice is killed by the shark attempting to retrieve the money.

John manages to lure the shark under the oil rig and Emery activates the drill and drops it into the shark's mouth, finally killing it.  John, Kelly and Emery have a tooth from the shark as proof of their kill (the shark bit John in the foot and a tooth broke off that he retrieved) and debate whether or not to collect the reward, but Emery, still believing the shark is a spirit in physical form, suggests that now that it is dead, that they should just let it rest in peace.  John takes Emery's advice and tosses the tooth into the river, letting it sink to the bottom.  Seconds later, they are found by the local sheriff who shows up in a helicopter to check on them.

One part Fast Times At Ridgemont High, One Part Gangsta’s Paradise.

Shark Swarm (2008)

  • Genre: Action – Drama – Horror
  • Directed: James A. Contner
  • Produced:
    • Kevin Bocarde 
    • Kyle Clark 
    • Patsy Fitzgerald 
    • Robert Halmi Jr. 
    • Larry Levinson 
    • Nick Lombardo 
    • Stephen Niver 
    • Lina Wong
  • Written:
    • Matthew Chernov 
    • David Rosiak
  • Starring: Daryl Hannah, John Schneider, Armand Assante, F. Murray Abraham, Roark Critchlow, Heather McComb, John Enos III, Alan Fudge, Gene Davis, Brent King, June Squibb, Mimi Michaels, Elisa Donovan, Jacleen Haber
  • Music: Nathan Furst
  • Cinematography: Dane Peterson
  • Editing: Craig Bassett
  • Studio:
    • Larry Levinson Productions 
    • RHI Entertainment 
    • Silverstar Ltd.
  • Distributed:
    • Sonar Entertainment  
    • Bridge Entertainment Group  
    • Concorde Video  
    • The Hallmark Channel  
    • Panorama Distributions  
    • RTL
  • Rated: NR
  • Release Date: 25 May 2008
  • Running Time: 167 minutes
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English

Shark Swarm is a film created by RHI Entertainment as part of the Maneater3 film series.  It premiered on Syfy on May 25, 2008.  Directed by James A. Contner and written by Matthew Chernov and David Rosiak, the film stars Daryl Hannah, John Schneider and Armand Assante. It was released to generally unfavorable reviews.  It is the 11th film in the Maneater Series.

Corporate real estate tycoon Hamilton Lux sets his sights on developing the quaint seaside town of Full Moon Bay into a prime getaway for the wealthy, but runs into some unexpected problems.  Lifelong fisherman Daniel Wilder and wife Brooke own property exactly where Lux wants to build high-priced condos, and isn't planning to sell.  Lux secretly laces the local waters with a toxin deadly to marine life, decimating the fishing industry in an attempt to starve Daniel out.  Alas, the chemical reacts differently on the area's sharks, drastically increasing their aggressive tendencies and transforming them into engines of pure destruction moving in coordinated swarms.  Without fish to feed on, shark attacks on humans rapidly increase.  Lux uses media contacts to paint the attacks as random incidents.  Daniel, his marine biologist brother and a concerned E.P.A. agent must expose Lux's plan and rid the area of the chemically-altered sharks before the town's entire population is devoured by hungry sharks.

The character of Professor Bill Girdler is named after William Girdler, cult director of several "nature run amok" films made in the 1970s, most notably "Day of the Animals" and "Grizzly."  In the scene when the woman swimming teacher enters the water, right after she says, "Something just bumped me," she turns around and looks at the sharks coming for her.  She starts screaming, but her mouth isn't moving.  During the end after the sharks attack the beach, we see a man pulling another man out of the water who can't move because his leg has been bitten off and his shorts are covered with blood.  But, in the next shot, when a medic comes over to wrap a band around the man's leg, there is absolutely no blood on his shorts.

Excellent review can be found HERE!

The Creature Feature Bleachers is right, there are a lot blondes in this movie!

Swamp Shark (2011)

  • Genre: Horror – Sci-Fi – Thriller
  • Directed: Griff Furst
  • Produced:
    • Kenneth M. Badish 
    • Daniel Lewis 
    • Ryan Noto 
    • Brad Southwick 
    • James T. Bruce IV 
    • R. Bryan Wright
  • Written:
    • Jennifer Iwen 
    • Eric Miller 
    • Charles Bolon
  • Starring: Christopher Berry, Wade Boggs, Marcus Lyle Brown, Jason Rogel, Edrick Browne, Gary Catona, Richard Tanne, Jeff Chase, Chris Deshazo, Harold Evans
  • Music: Andrew Morgan Smith
  • Cinematography: Lorenzo Senatore
  • Editing: Matt Taylor
  • Studio: Bullet Films
  • Distributed:
    • Active Entertainment  
    • RTL2  
    • Signature Entertainment  
    • Sunfilm Entertainment  
    • Syfy  
    • Tanweer Films
  • Rated:
  • Release Date: 25 June 2011
  • Running Time: 85 minutes
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English

Swamp Shark is a 2011 American horror film directed by Griff Furst and starring Kristy Swanson, D. B. Sweeney, Robert Davi, Jason Rogel, Sophia Sinise, Richard Tanne, and Jeff Chase.  The film was produced by Kenneth M. Badish and Daniel Lewis and was written by Eric Miller, Charles Bolon, and Jennifer Iwen.  It is a Syfy Channel original picture.  The film premiered in the U.S. on the Syfy Channel on June 25, 2011.

Open on gorgeous swamplands of the Atchafalaya Basin in the summer.  Lots of beautiful teens are at the beach the weekend before Gator Fest.  That night an animal smuggling deal goes wrong and a large sea creature escapes into a swampy backwoods river.  At the McDaniel's "Gator Shack" restaurant, a local, Jackson is drunk, and gets mangled to bits.  The town sheriff blames the carnage on the McDaniel's "escaped" pack of gators and tries hauling them off to jail.  Rachel McDaniel, head of the family, claims to have seen the fin of a shark!  Rachel and her family, along with the help of a mysterious stranger, Charlie, take on the Swampshark and the law to clear their names, save Rachel's kid sister Krystal and prevent the unwitting folks at the upcoming Gator Fest from being torn to shreds by a beast the likes of which no one has ever seen!

At 40:36, a spelling error can be seen on the laptop news article: Authorities is incorrectly spelled as Autorities.

If you divorce your swamp wife is she still your sister?

Jurassic Shark (2012)

  • AKA Title: Attack of The Jurassic Shark
  • Genre: Action – Horror – Sci-Fi
  • Directed: Brett Kelly
  • Produced: Anne-Marie Frigon
  • Written:
    • David A. Lloyd 
    • Trevor Payer
  • Starring: Emanuelle Carriere, Christine Emes, Celine Filion, Angela Parent, Duncan Milloy, Phil Dukarsky, Kyle Martellacci, Joshua Gilbert Crosby, Kevin Preece, Jurgen Vollrath, Sarah Mosher, Kala Gray
  • Music: Christopher Nickel
  • Cinematography: Amber Peters
  • Editing: Unknown
  • Studio: Dudez Productions
  • Distributed:
    • Dudez Productions  
    • TomCat Films  
    • Trans World Associates
  • Rated: NR
  • Release Date: 20 April 2012
  • Running Time: 75 minutes
  • Country: Canada
  • Language: English

A Megalodon (prehistoric shark) is accidentally awakened by an oil company's explorations, trapping a group of art thieves and a group of young female college students on an abandoned island in the middle of a lake.  The two groups band together to fight off the monster's attacks and fall victim to the shark one by one until only two of the girls are left, who manage to defeat the shark.  However, another shark is revealed to be alive as it kills two fisherman who are nearby.

Fangoria called it an "Ottawa-shot sharksploitationer" with a mood that "is pure fun, akin to recent marine-life-run-amok fare [such] as Piranha 3D and Sharktopus.  Conversely, Alex DiGiovanna of Move Buzzers panned the film, noting that with VOD or direct to DVD films about giant creatures attacking folks on a beach "you can expect them to be funny, in a terrible sort of way while also having some sort of added entertainment value.  Too bad that’s not the case with Brett Kelly’s wannabe Jaws meets Jurassic Park Megalodon feature, Attack of the Jurassic Shark".  He offered "when I say this movie is one of the worst pieces of cinema that my eyes had the misfortune of viewing, I truly mean it."  He explained "I love terrible horror movies, I think they’re hilarious and while this one had a few of those moments, it couldn't live up to its potential."  He noted that viewer expectations would be subverted by only "average girls in bikinis, terrible prop work, awful CG (for the most part), pathetic death sequences, a flying shark and a really long, dialogue-free walking montage."

Dread Central spoke negatively about production's first efforts at a film trailer, calling it "underwhelming" as "a trailer for a killer shark movie with very little shark in it".  Comparing the early trailer to the later, they expanded by writing "the differences between the two trailers should be a lesson to indie filmmakers not to release the first trailer for their movie to the public before they’re really ready to show off their movie goods."

JoBlo spoke somewhat more positively about the later trailer which included footage of the purported Megalodon and predicted the film "has potential to become something special."  After DVD release, they found the film and premise to be "ridiculous shit".

Aint It Cool News panned the film for poor CGI effects making its shark look cartoonish.  They expanded it was "Amazing how bad the effects are here," and that the film was "an exercise in how not to make a low budget flick".

I’m too dumbstruck to generate a snide comment.


1Powhatan or Virginia Algonquian is an extinct language belonging to the Eastern Algonquian subgroup of the Algonquian languages (a subfamily of Native American languages which includes most of the languages in the Algic language family).  It was spoken by the Powhatan people of tidewater Virginia.

2.  A blowout is the uncontrolled release of crude oil and/or natural gas from an oil well or gas well after pressure control systems have failed.  Prior to the advent of pressure control equipment in the 1920s, the uncontrolled release of oil and gas from a well while drilling was common and was known as an oil gusher, gusher or wild well. An accidental spark during a blowout can lead to a catastrophic oil or gas fire.

3.  Maneater Series is the name, logo and line look given to a series of made-for-television natural horror films on DVD produced by RHI Entertainment for the Syfy Channel, and distributed by Vivendi Entertainment.  The Maneater Series logo and line look were created under the direction of Danny Tubbs Executive Director, Creative Services Vivendi Entertainment.


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