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Sunday, January 6, 2013

3 quick thoughts

Got home and I am working on the It Came From IFC for tomorrow but wanted to throw out three quick things on my mind.

1.  Go here now and read a great article about horror movie casting by BJ-C at Day of The Women.  No one has a better understanding of how to make an effective horror movie than she, plus I kind of idolize her.

2.  If you’re going to remake Texas Chainsaw Massacre could you try to actually watch the original?  Leatherface was not the only “villain” in the original and some of the scenes that don’t focus on him are the ones I remember more, for example The Dinner Scene.

3.  Why is it when we have a character listening to music in any of the Star Trek series it is always classical or big band or jazz or show tunes?  You telling me there is no rock or metal in the 24th century?  Ensign Redshirt doesn’t get off his duty shift and relax with a little Slayer?  Dr. Phlox doesn’t jam out with Hank Williams Sr.?  Unless you count J.J. Abrams trying to convince me Kid Rock will still be around in the late 23rd century but I doubt anyone will remember his name 20 years from now.

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