Ecology of Homo Sapiens Lupus Part 1

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Ecology of Homo Sapiens Lupus Part 1

As of this writing, it is the first night of the February three night period when werewolves may be active.  I was out on my deck earlier and had a few thoughts on the subject and wanted to bounce my ideas and questions off you guys.  I may also be revisiting this topic from time to time in the future.
First off, a few points for reference.  I am of the school of thought that transformations occur on the nights preceding and proceeding the night of the full moon proper, or more specifically – the waxing and waning full moons.  I also think lycanthropy has a biological cause and not just some “curse” someone has had cast upon them, maybe a mutated rabies virus that has integrated it’s RNA into the DNA of a host.  Most of my theories have their basis in the wonderful book “The Werewolf's Guide to Life: A Manual for the Newly Bitten” by Bob Powers and Ritch Duncan, info upon clicking anywhere in this sentence.
I also believe in the various other types of were-beasts such as were-rat, were-bear and were-tigers.  I have noticed there is lack of non-mammal were-beasts, outside of The Howling III: The Marsupials, which may lend credit to my mutated rabies theory…can marsupials get rabies?
Anyhow, on to my queries:
1.  Whether you subscribe to the 3-day active period or just on the night of the actual full moon, I wonder what it feels like on the night just before one when the transformation will happen.  Not to be crude but it’s the only reference I can think of but, could it feel like being at the apex of sexual stimulation and just unable to climax?
2.  When in the dormant period of the cycle, does the infected regain the ability to digest raw red meat?  I’m sure even in the dormant state there is an increased craving for red meat, I just wonder if the predatory instinct kicks in and wants it as undercooked as possible.
3.  Does the infection grant a longer life or even immortality?  Assuming that getting hit by a bus is just as affective as a silver bullet in ending a were-beasts life, if I am careful and avoid crossing the path of both the Lone Ranger and a bright yellow Coast City bus can I effectively live a few centuries or does my body give out after a couple hundred cycles?
4.  Although it is usually portrayed as something the infected fears and wishes to avoid I think it is safe to say there are probably people who look forward and even relish the active state.  For those mostly and maybe even the ones who don’t want the infection, does the new moon bring a kind of sadness?
I think that will be it for now but I’m sure I will come up with more thoughts of the matter.  Thanks for listening to my rantings.
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