CC: Portland HPLFF & CthulhuCon Movies

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Friday, April 4, 2014

CC: Portland HPLFF & CthulhuCon Movies

This April 11th to 13th is the 19th Annual H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival & CthulhuCon in Portland, OR (Click image for more info), and besides four feature films that I have already talked about they will be showing various short films and four movies I haven’t discussed as of yet.  So let us remedy that!  For the sole purpose of whetting your appetites and storing in your memory banks I present some of the entertainment for this years HPLFF&CC.

Get your tickets for April 11-13 and come meet our amazing guests, including the one-and-only Doug Bradley, Kenneth Hite, Michael Cisco, Joe Pulver, Robert M. Price, Allen K., Mike Davis and more.  You'll also see more Weird and Macabre movies than you've probably ever seen in one weekend, including the US Premiere of the long-anticipated DEAD SHADOWS by French director David Cholewa, and the WORLD Premieres of two new Lovecraftian features, Feed The Light, directed by Henrik Möller, and The Sunderland Experiment by Adam Petke and Sean Blau.  You'll also enjoy live selections from the Dreams in The Witch House Rock Opera performed by Alaine Kashian, Mike Dalager, and Douglas Blair Lucek (W.A.S.P.).  There's so much more happening this year, I can't even decide what to list here... keep an eye out for our final event list and schedule announcement, coming soon. – HPLFF Facebook Page


Dead Shadows (2012)

  • Genre: Horror – Sci-Fi 
  • Directed: David Cholewa
  • Produced:
    • David Cholewa 
    • Michael Kraetzer
  • Written: Vincent Julé
  • Starring: Gilles Barret, Laurie Cholewa, Margaux Devy, Sylvain Dubois, Julien Dunand, John Fallon, Norbert Ferrer, Blandine Marmigère
  • Music: Kevin Riepl
  • Cinematography: Thomas Rames
  • Editing:
    • César Ducasse 
    • Mathieu Peteul
  • Studio: DC Medias
  • Distributed:
    • FilmBoy Pictures  
    • Interfilm  
    • Shout! Factory  
    • Gryphon Entertainment 
    • I-On New Media
  • Rated: NR
  • Release Date: 10 September 2012 (France)
  • Running Time: 75 minutes
  • Country: France
  • Language: French

Dead Shadows tells the terrifying story of a young man, named Chris, whose parents were brutally killed 11 years ago, on the same day that the Halley’s comet could be seen from earth.  Tonight, a new comet is appearing and everyone in Chris’s building are getting ready for a party to celebrate the event.

As the night falls, Chris discovers that people are starting to act strange – and this seems to somehow be connected to the comet.  They are becoming disoriented and violent and it doesn’t take long before they begin to mutate into something far beyond this world.  In a fight for survival, Chris tries to escape from his building with the help of a gun taunting tenant – but will they make it out alive?

“With DEAD SHADOWS, co-producer and first time director David Cholewa wants to redefine the creature horror genre with lots of action. By taking what the French are well-known for in the horror genre and going back to the old 80's vibes and elevating it to the next level, David wants to create a film that is fun, suspenseful, full of action and scary. A true homage to the cinema he loves, from John Carpenter to Steven Spielberg, inspired by HP Lovecraft and comic book artist Paolo Eleuteri Serpieri."

Dead Shadows (2012)

Lord of Tears (2013)

  • Genre: Drama – Horror
  • Directed: Lawrie Brewster
  • Produced:
    • Lawrie Brewster 
    • Sarah Daly 
    • Sultan Saeed Al Darmaki 
    • Lloyd Davis 
    • Andrew Duncan 
    • Darren Sean Enright 
    • Zeke Hanson 
    • Gavin Hugh 
    • Kevin Paish 
    • Devin Spurrill 
    • Astrud San Antonio Villareal 
    • Richard Anderson Whyte
  • Written: Sarah Daly
  • Starring: David Schofield, Alexandra Hulme, Euan Douglas, Jamie Scott Gordon, Alan Ireby, Neil Cooper, Nancy Joy Page, Graham Robertson, Jock Ferguson
  • Music:
    • Andy McDonald 
    • Craig Sutherland
  • Cinematography: Gavin Robertson
  • Editing: Lawrie Brewster
  • Studio:
    • Hex Media 
    • Dark Dunes Productions
  • Distributed: Unknown
  • Rated: NR
  • Release Date: 25 October 2013
  • Running Time: 100 minutes
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Language: English

Lord of Tears is a 2013 Scottish horror film directed by Lawrie Brewster and his directorial debut.  The film first released on October 25, 2013 in Whitby at the Bram Stoker International Film Festival, where it won two awards.  The film follows an English schoolteacher that begins to see visions of the Owl Man, a Slender Man-esque1.  figure that he was obsessed with as a child.

After the death of his mother, school teacher James returns home to settle her estate.  He stands to inherit two houses from her: one small and average, the other a large mansion that his dying mother urges him to never again visit.  Confused, James ignores her request and moves into the house in hopes of making sense of everything as he remembers living there as a child.  While he is going through the house, James finds evidence that he underwent a mental breakdown at the mansion that was prompted by visions of a creature known as the "Owl Man".  James has no memories of the event, despite him being apparently obsessed with the creature.  He befriends the beautiful American Eve, who lives nearby in a set of renovated stables.  However as his stay at the mansion lengthens, James's mental stability begins to unravel before his very eyes.

Brewster came up with the concept for Lord of Tears while researching Pagan folklore of the Scottish Highlands and discovering the Owlman2.  He also drew inspiration from Japanese horror films, as he saw that these films heavily utilized their native mythology, which prompted Brewster to want to create a film that did the same with Scottish mythology.  Filming took place in Scotland in the Scottish Highlands, Dysart, and Kirkcaldy over a two week period and completed production in fall of 2012.  After filming was complete Brewster ran a successful Kickstarter campaign to gain funding to produce marketing materials, finish the movie's soundtrack, and to send the movie out to film festivals.

Lord Of Tears (2013)

The Sunderland Experiment (2013)

  • Genre: Horror
  • Directed:
    • Sean Blau 
    • Adam Petke
  • Produced:
    • Adam Petke 
    • Benjamin Wanless
  • Written: Sean Blau
  • Starring: Ryan Finnerty, Dylan O'Brien, James Petke, Tyler Tilton, Justin Little, Matt Reed, Jonathan Brophy, Robin Wanless, Eli Irwin, Shawn Tilton, Cyrus Short, Fabianna Borghese, Teresa Petke, Sianna Marie Greene, Katie Reed, Dennice Cisneros
  • Music: Unknown
  • Cinematography: Ian Arthur
  • Editing: Chris Dobbins
  • Studio: Blatke Productions
  • Distributed: Unknown
  • Rated: NR
  • Release Date: Unknown
  • Running Time: 84 minutes
  • Country: United States
  • Language: English

David is trapped.  Ten years ago an alien being calling itself The Angel arrived in his hometown of Sunderland.  It blockaded the town behind an electric fence and transformed the adults into zombies, a process it calls “Blessing.” It turned the small desert town into a broken parody of American society.  The Angel claims that to be blessed is to begin the next stage of human evolution.

Raised in isolation, the children of Sunderland face an all-consuming choice.  They can attend school to learn the teachings of the Angel and “evolve” like their parents, or they can fall; living their lives in the wasteland at the edge of the community where their small rebellions are tolerated as long as they remain within the confines of Sunderland.  Like some of the other children David has already decided to fall when the time comes, but he has his own reasons.  The Angel killed David’s mother.

When a fallen trespasses into the heart of town and shoots David, The Angel intervenes, offering David a final chance at salvation.  All he has to do is commit himself to following the rules he’s spent his life breaking, and studying the ways of a people that destroyed his family.  On his journey to earn The Angel’s Blessing David will encounter betrayal, strange urges, and unexpected friends, and learn the true meaning of his mother’s execution.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

The Sunderland Experiment (2013)

Feed The Light (2014)

  • Original Title: Lokalvårdaren
  • Genre: Horror
  • Directed: Henrik Möller
  • Produced:
    • Henrik Möller 
    • Simon Möller
  • Written:
    • Martin Jirhamn 
    • Henrik Möller
  • Starring: Lina Sundén, Martin Jirhamn, Jenny Lampa, Patrik Karlson, Henrik Möller, Ingrid Torstensson, Henrik Rambe, Niklas Jönsson, Frank, Osten Östberg, Håkan Elliot, Peter Persson, Karin Bertling
  • Music: Testbild
  • Cinematography: Henrik Möller
  • Editing: Henrik Möller
  • Studio:
    • Film i Skåne 
    • Simon Möller Film
  • Distributed: Unknown
  • Rated: NR
  • Release Date: Unknown
  • Running Time: 75 minutes
  • Country: Sweden
  • Language: Swedish

Sara takes a job as a cleaner to find her missing daughter and strikes an uneasy alliance with the sinister janitor. They venture with a small group into the abyss underneath Malmö and the heart of darkness.

Feed The Light (2014)



1.  The Slender Man (also known as Slenderman) is a fictional character that originated as an Internet meme created by Something Awful forums user Victor Surge in 2009.  It is depicted as resembling a thin, unnaturally tall man with a blank and usually featureless face, and wearing a black suit.  The Slender Man is commonly said to stalk, abduct, or traumatize people, particularly children.  The Slender Man is not tied to any particular story, but appears in many disparate works of fiction, mostly composed online.

2.  The Owlman, sometimes referred to as the Cornish Owlman, or the Owlman of Mawnan, is a purported owl-like cryptid that was supposedly sighted around mid-1976 in the village of Mawnan, Cornwall.  The Owlman is sometimes compared to America's Mothman in cryptozoological literature.

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