DNDF: Mind Altering Horror

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Saturday, February 8, 2014

DNDF: Mind Altering Horror


Substance intoxication is a type of substance-induced disorder which is potentially maladaptive and impairing, but reversible, and associated with recent use.  If the symptoms are severe, the term "substance intoxication delirium" may be used.  Generic slang terms include: getting high or being stoned or blazed (all usually in reference to cannabis), with many more specific slang terms for each particular type of intoxicant.  Alcohol intoxication is even graded in intensity, from buzzed, to tipsy, all the way up to hammered, smashed, wasted and a number of other similar terms.  Slight intoxication of a familiar substance is usually referred to as being buzzed.


Attack of the Herbals (2011)

  • Genre: Comedy – Horror
  • Directed: David Ryan Keith
  • Produced:
    • Stephen Cox 
    • Michael Kananack 
    • David P. Keith 
    • David Ryan Keith 
    • Lorraine Keith 
    • Jessica Kelly
  • Written:
    • Alisdair Cook 
    • Liam Matheson 
    • David Ryan Keith
  • Starring: Calum Booth, Steve Worsley, Richard Currie, Liam Matheson, Lee Hutcheon, Claire McCulloch, Margaret Bramwell, Jimmy Lynch, Alan Fraser, Lindsay Cromar, Dave Thomson, Mary Cox
  • Music: Leah Kardos
  • Cinematography: David Ryan Keith
  • Editing: David Ryan Keith
  • Studio: Clear Focus Video & Multimedia
  • Distributed:
    • Camelot Entertainment Group  
    • Intergroove Media
  • Rated: NR
  • Release Date:
    • 11 May 2011 (Cannes) 
    • 17 May 2011 (UK)
  • Running Time: 81 minutes
  • Country: United Kingdom
  • Language: English

Attack of the Herbals is an "Evil Dead”/”Shaun of the Dead” style horror comedy, independently produced and shot in the North East of Scotland.

Jackson McGregor returns to the tiny fishing village of “Lobster Cove” only to find that a local land baron Bennett Campbell is taking over with a new development.  The only thing that stands in Bennett’s way is Jackson’s grandparent's post office.  Jackson’s life is soon turned upside down when he and a childhood friend discover a mysterious, unmarked crate, washed ashore with a strange substance that happens to make rather nice tea.

Armed with a plan to save the post office, the two friends embark on a frantic business venture, selling the new strange tea to the local pensioners and fishermen.  Seemingly giving them a new lease of life.  The money rolls in and the tea starts to run out.  The two friends get so carried away with their new found success that they fail to notice the strange things that have started occurring in Lobster Cove.

With the help of a local German priest they discover that the contents of the crate are actually part of a World War Two Nazi experiment.  Things get drastically worse when land baron also gets addicted to the tea with deadly consequences!

Attack of the Herbals was filmed in and around Aberdeen, Scotland, on a single Canon 5D with follow focus.  Much of the film focuses on the Aberdeen harbor area.  The music is by Leah Kardos, who collaborated with David Keith on previous works, two short films called "Demonic" and "Dead Funny".

Camelot Entertainment Group have gained distribution rights to Attack of the Herbals.  Darknight Pictures, a division of Camelot Entertainment, confirmed they were to auction Attack of the Herbals at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival.

Grabbers (2012)

  • Genre: Comedy – Horror – Sci-Fi
  • Directed: Jon Wright
  • Produced:
    • Robert Bevan 
    • Tracy Brimm 
    • David Collins 
    • Nic Hatch 
    • Michael Henry 
    • Jo Homewood 
    • Samantha Horley 
    • Eduardo Levy 
    • Alan Maher 
    • James Martin 
    • Cyril Megret 
    • Kate Myers 
    • Martina Niland 
    • Piers Tempest
  • Written: Kevin Lehane
  • Starring: Richard Coyle, Ruth Bradley, Russell Tovey, Lalor Roddy, David Pearse, Bronagh Gallagher, Pascal Scott, Clelia Murphy, Louis Dempsey, Micheál O'Gruagain, Ned Dennehy, Stuart Graham
  • Music: Christian Henson
  • Cinematography: Trevor Forrest
  • Editing: Matt Platts-Mills
  • Studio:
    • Forward Films 
    • High Treason Productions 
    • Irish Film Board 
    • Nvizible 
    • Samson Films
  • Distributed:
    • Element Pictures Distribution  
    • IFC Films  
    • Sony Pictures Releasing
  • Rated: NR
  • Release Date:
    • 23 January 2012 (Sundance) 
    • 22 June 2012 (UK) 
    • 10 July 2012 (Ireland)
  • Running Time: 94 minutes
  • Country:
    • United Kingdom 
    • Ireland
  • Language: English

Garda1 Ciarán O'Shea, an alcoholic, initially resents his new partner, Garda Lisa Nolan, a workaholic seeking to impress her superiors by volunteering for temporary duty in a remote Irish island.  After discovering mutilated whale corpses, the quiet community slowly comes to realize that they're under attack by enormous bloodsucking tentacled creatures from the sea, dubbing them "Grabbers".  When Paddy, the town drunk, inexplicably survives an attack, the local marine ecologist, Dr. Smith, theorizes that his high blood alcohol content proved toxic to the Grabbers, who survive on blood and water.  O'Shea contacts the mainland, but an oncoming storm prevents any escape or help.  The group also realizes the rain will allow the remaining large male Grabber to move about the island freely.  Seeking to keep calm in the town, Nolan and O'Shea organize a party at the local pub, intending to keep the island's residents safe but unaware of the danger.  Initially hesitant to join in a celebration when no good reason can be offered, the people enthusiastically agree when Tadhg Murphy, the pub owner, offers free drinks. O'Shea volunteers to stay sober so that he can coordinate the towns defenses, and everyone else becomes drunk.

In a drunken stupor, Nolan reveals that she has come to the island to escape the shadow of her more-favored sister.  When they are alone in a squad car, Nolan confesses to O'Shea that she has feelings for him despite turning down his advances earlier.  Smith wanders outside the pub and tries to get a picture of the beast, reasoning that his inebriated state will protect him from being eaten.  Instead, the monster throws him into the air and kills him.  Nolan and O'Shea escape to the pub, where they try to protect the townspeople.  Nolan drunkenly reveals the danger they are in while trying to reassure everyone that nothing is trying to kill them.  Panicked, they retreat to the second level of the pub, and baby sea monsters take over the first floor.  Nolan accidentally sets the pub on fire while trying to sneak out, but she and O'Shea manage to draw the attention of the adult.

O'Shea and Nolan drive to a construction site, and the monster follows them.  There, they hope to strand the monster on dry land, as it needs water to survive.  Before they can successfully set a trap, the monster arrives and attacks O'Shea.  Although wounded, O'Shea survives the attack, and Nolan uses the heavy construction equipment to mount a counter-attack, pinning it at the base of a pit.  The monster grabs O'Shea, but before it can eat him he dumps a bottle of Paddy's moonshine into its mouth, sickening it and causing it to release O'Shea. Nolan then ignites nearby explosives with a flare gun, killing the Grabber.  As the storm clears up, they return to the town and O'Shea throws away his flask.  The film ends with a shot of more sea monster eggs hatching.

At the Edinburgh International Film Festival, it was announced as one of the "Best of the Fest" of the 2012 line-up.  At the European Fantastic Film Festival of Strasbourg, it won the Audience Prize for Best Film, and at NIFFF, it won two awards: the Audience Award for best film and the Titra Film Award.  The film picked up two 2014 Fangoria Chainsaw Award nominations for Best Script for Kevin Lehane and Best Creature/FX for Shaune Harrison and Paddy Eason.  It was also nominated for a Writers' Guild of Great Britain Award for Best First Feature for Kevin Lehane as well as for four IFTAs at the 2013 Irish Film and Television Awards.  Bronagh Gallagher for Best Supporting Actress, Kevin Lehane for Best Feature Script, producers David Collins and Martina Niland of Samson Films, alongside Forward Films and High Treason Productions were nominated for Best Film and Ruth Bradley was nominated and won for Best Actress.



1. An Garda Síochána (Irish pronunciation: [ən ˈɡaːrd̪ə ˈʃiːxaːn̪ˠə]; meaning "the Guardian of the Peace"), more commonly referred to as the Gardaí ([ˈɡaːɾˠd̪ˠiː] gar-dee, "Guardians"), is the police force of Ireland.  The service is headed by the Garda Commissioner who is appointed by the Irish government. Its headquarters are in the Phoenix Park in Dublin.


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