F**king Really?!

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Monday, July 29, 2013

F**king Really?!

"Sharknado" just got even bigger: Regal Cinemas has announced that they will have midnight showings of the Syfy sensation across the country on Friday, August 2.

"Sharknado" -- Syfy's TV movie about a tornado that whisks sharks out of the sea and drops them in Los Angeles -- generated a Twitter frenzy when it premiered in mid-July and got such strong reactions from viewers that a sequel has already been ordered.

"Sharknado" will play in roughly 200 Regal Cinemas across the country on Fri., August 2nd at 12 a.m. (Find out where you can see it at a theater near you here.) The "Sharknado" sequel is set to air in 2014.

---Huffington Post

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