Beyond the Wall of Sleep (1919) (2006) (2009)

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Beyond the Wall of Sleep (1919) (2006) (2009)

"Beyond the Wall of Sleep" is a short story by American writer H. P. Lovecraft written in 1919 and first published in the amateur publication Pine Cones in October 1919.

Lovecraft said the story was inspired by an April 27, 1919 article in the New York Tribune.  Reporting on the New York state police, the article cited a family named Slater or Slahter as representative of the backwards Catskills population.

The nova mentioned at the end of Lovecraft's story is a real star, known as GK Persei; the quotation is from Garrett P. Serviss's Astronomy with the Naked Eye (1908).

The title of the story may have been influenced by Ambrose Bierce's "Beyond the Wall"; Lovecraft was known to be reading Bierce in 1919.  Jack London's 1906 novel Before Adam, which concerns the concept of hereditary memory, contains the passage, "Nor...did any of my human kind ever break through the wall of my sleep."

An intern in a mental hospital relates his experience with Joe Slater, an inmate who died at the facility a few weeks after being confined as a criminally insane murderer.  He describes Slater as a "typical denizen of the Catskill Mountain region, who corresponds exactly with the 'white trash' of the South", for whom "laws and morals are nonexistent" and whose "general mental status is probably below that of any other native American people". Although Slater's crime was exceedingly brutal and unprovoked he had an "absurd appearance of harmless stupidity" and the doctors guessed his age at about forty.  During the third night of his confinement, Slater had the first of his "attacks".  He burst from an uneasy sleep into a frenzy so violent it took four orderlies to strait-jacket him.  For nearly fifteen minutes he gave vent to an incredible rant.  The words were in the voice and couched in the paltry vocabulary of Joe Slater but the onlookers could construe from the inadequate language a vision of:

green edifices of light, oceans of space, strange music, and shadowy mountains and valleys.  But most of all did he dwell upon some mysterious blazing entity that shook and laughed and mocked at him.  This vast, vague personality seemed to have done him a terrible wrong and to kill it in triumphant revenge was his paramount desire.  In order to reach it...he would soar through abysses of emptiness 'burning' every obstacle that stood in his way.

The ranting stopped as suddenly as it had started.  This was the first of what would become nightly "attacks" of a similar nature.  The peripheral otherworldly images of Slater's visions were different and more fantastic with each successive night, but always there was the central theme of the blazing entity and its revenge.  The doctors were perplexed with the Slater case.  Where did a backward man like Slater get such visions, when surely an illiterate rustic like him would have had little if any exposure to fairy tales or fantasy stories?  Not that there were stories similar to Slater's.  Why, too, was Slater dying?

As an undergraduate, the intern had built but never tested a device for two-way telepathic communication.  The device was designed around his principle that thought was ultimately a form of radiant energy.  Heedless of any ethics, he attached himself with Slater to the device as Slater lay near death.  With the device switched on, he received a message from a being of light whose experiences had been what were transmitted through the medium of Joe Slater.  This being explained that, when not shackled to their physical bodies, all men are light beings.  The thought-message went on to explain that, as light beings within the realm of sleep, humans can experience the vistas of many planes and universes which remain unknown to waking awareness.

The intern understood that the light being would now become completely incorporeal, and undertake at last a final battle with its nemesis near Algol.  Joe Slater died then, and there were no further transmissions.  That night an enormously bright star was discovered in the sky near Algol.  Within a week it had dimmed to the luminosity of an ordinary star and in a few months it had vanished completely.

Actors: George Peroulas, Fountain Yount, Gregory Fawcett, William Sanderson, Kurt Hargan
Directors: Barrett J. Leigh, Thom Maurer
Writers: Barrett J. Leigh, Thom Maurer, H.P. Lovecraft
Producers: Jhano Ajemian, Jim Bolden, Koko Polosajian
Format: Color, Dolby, NTSC, Subtitled, Widescreen
Language: English
Subtitles: English, Spanish
Rated: R (Restricted)
Studio: Lions Gate
DVD Release Date: June 6, 2006
Run Time: 84 minutes

Joe Slaader is a mysterious mountain man being held in the Ulster County Asylum after the brutal murder of his family.  Edward Eischel, a young intern, sees something more than just an inbred monster in this new inmate, however.  Instead, he sees him as the harbinger of some greater and much darker force.  With bodies piling up, his job in jeopardy, and his sanity hanging in the balance he gives in to his obsession with tapping into Joe's hidden power, risking all that he has along the way.

William E. Warner at Amazon put it best when he said:  Just because a hulking monster with writhing tentacles out of it mouth appears for 3 seconds you can't call this Lovecraft.  This is an awful movie.  It tries to be psychological by constantly bombarding the view with shaky images of bloody stuff.  The movie steals all the clichés of Asylum movies and throws in a few scenes where high school level acting is attempted.  If you want a better Lovecraftian adaptation, check out the movie Dagon.  If I could give it 0 stars I would.  Oh. . .one more thing the special effects guy should study a bit more anatomy the gross scenes would be more scary and realistic.

Beyond the Wall of Sleep (2009)

When a new patient arrives at the asylum Dr. Kaufman must attempt to find the source of his violent madness.  Joe Slater has suffered his entire life from strange fits upon awakening, ranting and screaming to the heavens.  When Joe murders a neighbor in the throes of one of his attacks he comes under the care of the one man who may be able to discover what lies beyond the wall of sleep.

That is the extent of the information I can find on this film, so basically it exists…and has a MySpace page.

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