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Wednesday, July 31, 2013


I forgot to include the name of my treatment that is still available for purchase, “The Conjugating”. 

The sequel involves the same choir taking a trip on a tug boat with a Captain and two deckhands (60 total now).  Two of the students sneak off to make out in a life vest storage closet that attracts the ire of a sea monster.  Every time it tries to sneak on board to enact it’s vengeance for teenagers awkwardly groping one another in a cramped space someone sees it and chases it back into the water.

Part three is set in a summer choir camp where our choir and six other High School choirs gather for whatever the equivalent of spring training is for choirs.  Counting the camp staff we are now topping out at a cast of 414.  When one of the rival schools discover and activate the Shen Nong Configuration, a powerful ancient artifact with the ability to summon The Divine Farmer, a semi-mythical ruler of early China credited by the Chinese as the inventor of agriculture, all hell breaks loose.  The twenty foot mythical being gets to working the soil around the camp to raise and harvest divine vegetables out of it’s hatred of the students not having a grasp of the benefits and dynamics of Communism.   Everyone eats really well that entire summer.

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