Bitten (2008)

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Monday, February 11, 2013

Bitten (2008)

Oh Jason Mewes, I am so sorry that I kept pushing back this article to talk about other movies.  It honestly had nothing to do with your acting or quality of your films, other movies just took precedent at the time but now I am going to give you the attention you deserve.

On the left a random headshot of Mr. Mewes and on the right is a photo of his most visible role.  The “Jay” portion of “Jay and Silent Bob” reoccurring characters in the Kevin Smith film set in his Jerseyverse series of movies that begin with Clerks in 1994.  But you know that already.  What you may not know are his credits in major films like Thirteen Ghosts, Scream 3 and Feast just to name a few.  Not to mention his appearances on video game, television and music video credits.  Not to shabby for a guy who is most famous for being a foul-mouthed drug dealer with a mute sidekick.  But we aren’t talking about one of my favorite actors to also happen to be from The Garden State like myself, we’re talking about what happens when you find a vampire in a dumpster.

  • Actors: Jason Mewes, Erica Cox, Richard Fitzpatrick, Jordan Madley, Nick Nicotera
  • Directors: Harvey Glazer
  • Writers: Tim McGregor, Tyler Levine
  • Producers: Barbara Sacks, Emlyn J. David, Jacqueline Kelly, Joseph Bechor, Kate Harrison
  • Rated: R (Restricted)
  • Studio: Rhi Entertainment
  • DVD Release Date: July 6, 2010
  • Run Time: 89 minutes
  • Jack, a paramedic, is frustrated with his life after he breaks up with his girlfriend.  He discovers a girl (Danika) in an alley way covered in blood, clinging to life.  Jack takes Danika in and soon discovers that she is a vampire.

    Jack and Danika try to find a way to feed her cravings to drink blood while killing as little as possible.  All their attempts end without success because a vampire needs fresh human blood.  Jack also must find places to hide the bodies in his apartment, including the body of his ex-girlfriend, who had gone to his apartment to reclaim several of her possessions before Danika had bitten and killed her. Jack discovers upon his ex-girlfriend's corpse reanimating into a vampire (and having to kill her when she attacks him in a rage) that only a stab to the heart will kill a vampire.

    When Danika becomes more violent, killing several people, including a young woman, Jack is forced to kill her with the help of his paramedic co-worker and friend, who stabs Danika in the heart while she attacks Jack, and succeeds in killing her, but not before Jack is bitten, leaving Jack's fate to be unknown during the final credits and an out-take sequence.  However, we then see that Jack has become a vampire, apparently cared for by his co-paramedic, who is feeding him from a dish of blood.

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