American Mary (2012)

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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

American Mary (2012)

Emily Perkins Katharine Isabelle Before I begin…If you have been coming to read me over any length of time it is no surprise that “Ginger Snaps” is easily one of my favorite movies of all time, due in no small part to the amazing skills of Emily Perkins and Katharine Isabelle.  I have followed both their careers since the release of that film and both of them always bring their best to a film whether it be working independently or on the rare occasions they are working together. 

This may sound like stalker talk but through interviews and behind the scenes videos I have the impression they are both very nice people who deserve to be much bigger names in the industry.  I also proudly proclaim that I am in love with both of them but haven’t figured out how to work that whole multiple spouse things…plus my wife informs me she has no intention of sharing.
I have tried over the years to make this site as family friendly as I can so please excuse my language when I say that this film, besides scaring the crap out of me, filled my nether regions with the overwhelming desire to do things with/to Ms. Isabelle that wouldn’t be gentlemanly to discuss in open forum.  Holy crap that woman is sexy even when she is peeling a tangerine.  I may have to reevaluate my current marriage situation.

American Mary (2012)

Directed by:  Jen Soska & Sylvia Soska
Produced by:  Evan Tylor & John Curtis
Written by:  Jen Soska & Sylvia Soska
Starring:  Katharine Isabelle, Julia Maxwell, Paula Lindberg
Music by:  Peter Allen
Cinematography:  Brian Pearson
Distributed by:  IndustryWorks Pictures
Release date(s):  August 27, 2012 (Film4 FrightFest)
Country of Production: Canada

Mary is a student studying to become a surgeon but she is behind in payments. She finds an ad online that promises to pay 1,000 dollars. When she goes for the interview to strip joint she brings with her a resume which details her education as a surgeon in training. While there they bring in a guy and they promise to pay her 5,000 to do surgery on the guy. She goes home and the next day she receives a call from a stripper that worked there who had gotten her information. The woman shows up at her place and promises to pay her if she could do skin removal surgery. She shows up and the surgery is for body modification. She wants to be a living doll so that she is not sexualized. Later on she is invited to a party by her resident staff surgeon. She is drugged and raped by her professor. As a result of the trauma she quits medical school. And this spirals into a world that gets her involved in the underground world of bod-mod pushing the limits more and more.

Oh the things she does to her former professor, such incredible and horrid things.  From the same minds that brought you “Dead Hooker in The Trunk” the Soska Sisters and their Terrible Twins production company are on my radar as rising stars in the horror industry.  In addition to directorial and writing duties they also have roles in the film that can only be described as creepy and disturbingly arousing, one of those things that makes you look down at your penis and ask “really?! You like that now huh?”
To quote Sinful Celluloid:

This brings us to the Soska sisters. The girls are wise beyond their years and talented beyond reason. That may sound heavy-handed, but I've seen many many films by many many writer-directors and it takes a very special person, or persons, to make a film this perfect on their sophomore try. The last person to do it was David Fincher with his film “Seven” and that was almost 20 years ago.

With Dead Hooker in the Trunk, Jen and Sylvia Soska showed the horror community that they can make complete and entertaining film with almost no money. With American Mary, they're about to show the world what they can do when you write them a check. Beautifully composed shots, lighting that conveys warmth while sustaining the feeling of cold isolation, and layers of imagery and emotional substance, this is a film to be absorbed, and you will do so with minimal effort. A film about hope and love as much as it's about violence and violent intent.

Outside of two scenes that required me to look away due to my dislike of seeing male body parts mutilated (imagine that, I get all wussy when penii get cut in half…), this is an amazing film and highly recommend it to anyone looking for a good scare.  Those outside the US will have an easier time hunting this down since there still doesn’t seem to be a US release date as of this writing.

Well now I want to marry four other women.  Did I mention the Soska Sisters are also really cool?

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