Werewolves on Wheels (1971) and Meridian (1990)

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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Werewolves on Wheels (1971) and Meridian (1990)

Boy are we featuring a lot of werewolves this week and both of this week’s date night films are horrible and dripping with sex.  So put the speaker in your window and let’s light this candle.

Werewolves on Wheels (1971)

As a group of bikers moves across the desert, they come across an old church that a satanic cult has taken over. The cultists give them drugged food, and the bikers soon fall asleep. That night the cultists cast a curse on the biker leader's girlfriend, that makes her turn into a werewolf after nightfall; she soon infects her boyfriend. The bikers leave the church, and begin to be killed off whenever they stop for the night. Things come to a climax when the couple changes in front of the bikers, who quickly kill the beasts. The bikers return to the church to have their revenge, but stop when they see themselves in the cult-procession.

Wow! Just wow.  The highlight of this film, besides a werewolf on werewolf fight sequence, is the werewolf on a motorcycle.  Words fail me to explain this film, you just have to see it for yourselves to understand the insanity.  To save on the budget there are scenes of actually bikers, whether they are aware they are being film is a mystery.  Odd trivia, Michel Levesque the director of this fine film is also the Art Director for “The Incredible Melting Man” and TV’s “Hunter” for 1984-85 seasons and “Renegade” for the 1993 season. 

Meridian (1990)

Catherine Bomarzini, travels back to her family castle in Italy after her father's death. Overwhelmed with excitement, Catherine invites her best friend Gina to spend the weekend. Gina and Catherine discover a local carnival outside the castle gates. Curious they wander to the carnival to enjoy the show and acts. Pleased with the performance, Gina invites the head magician Lawrence and his crew to the castle for dinner. Drugged and seduced, Catherine finds herself drawn into a mysterious love triangle with the handsome magician and a creature of the night whose gentle eyes and touch reveal his infinite love. Is this creature real or an illusion? Guided by the ghost of a slain ancestor and the advice of the castle caretaker Martha, Catherine discovers the ancient curse that enshrouds the Bomarzini Castle... a curse that only she can dispel.

MY EYES!  Oh My Gosh this is a terrible movie.  I’m just going to cover the major plot points, werewolf rape, werewolf orgy and a too well lit werewolf on werewolf sex scene.  If you ever wondered what two werewolves look like while copulating, well wonder no more.  If the idea of two fur covered humanoid shapes bumping uglies for what feels like twenty minutes in a room populated by eighteen 400 watt light bulbs is what gets you going then you are one sick puppy and should talk to someone about your odd perversion.  Now I need to go and pour bleach into my eyes and maybe set my whole head on fire to clean the abominations I have witnessed from my memory.

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