The City of Lost Children (1995)

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The City of Lost Children (1995)

First, my wife says I need to apologize for something I posted yesterday.  I wish to retract one of my 6 movies only I like.  Halloween 3 is a terrible film and should not be viewed by anyone.  I am sorry for the trauma I caused by saying that movie was worth a damn.

With a mad scientist kidnapping children to steal their dreams because he cannot dream, only brave young Miette (Judith Vittet) and a kindhearted circus strongman (Ron Perlman) can save them. Part fantasy, part nightmare, this production used more special effects than any other French film to date. Featuring stunning visuals from directors Jean-Pierre Jeunet and Marc Caro, the sci-fi fairy tale was nominated for a Golden Palm at the Cannes Film Festival.

Just off the coast of a dank, teeming harbor town, a horrible scientist named Krank lives on a mist-shrouded rig. He is aging prematurely because he lacks one vital function: the ability to dream. Krank's henchmen, a community of Cyclops, kidnap children from town and take them to Krank's inhospitable laboratory, so that Krank can tap into their dreams, invade them, and make them his own. In the laboratory, Krank is assisted by the pint-sized Miss Bismuth; a disembodied (and philosophy-spouting) brain known as Irvin; and six identical Clones.

The latest little kidnappee is a voracious toddler named Denree. Although Denree remains impressively calm, his adopted brother, One, a circus strongman, is distraught. While searching high and low for his "baby brother," One is shanghaied by Miette, a nine-year-old femme fatale. Miette is the undisputed leader of a gang of orphans who, like petite resistance fighters, have developed ingenious strategies to survive, and evade, the sinister forces at work.

The brave little girl and the gentle giant need each other: she has the brains, while he has the brawn. Together, the pair embark on a series of wondrous but harrowing adventures. They escape the clutches of Siamese twin sisters (collectively known as The Octopus) who operate both an orphanage and a black-market business. They encounter an amnesiac Diver who collects refuse from the bottom of the harbor...and whose striking resemblance to Krank's Clones is the key to the mystery of Krank and his fiendish plotting. One and Miette must ultimately challenge Krank and his ultra-dysfunctional "family" on a level playing field -- within the world of a little boy's dream.

Holy crap this is a fun film to watch and try to understand.  I watched this in French with English subtitles and don’t actually know if there is a dubbed version but does that really matter?  Young Ron Perlman speaking French, how could you not want to see that. Even though my creditability is probably shot with the whole H3 debacle, I highly recommend this film and the previous one from the same Director/Producer team, Delicatessen which has a completely different dark feel.

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